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:: 2013

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SideWays: A Gaze Interface for Spontaneous Interaction with Situated Displays (May 2013)   Direct link
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EyeContext: Recognition of High-level Contextual Cues from Human Visual Behaviour (May 2013)   Direct link
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Pursuits: Eye-based Interaction with Moving Targets (May 2013) Direct link
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MotionMA: Motion Modelling and Analysis by Demonstration (February 2013)

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:: 2012

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A Dual Scene Camera Eye Tracker for Interaction with Public and Hand-held Displays (June 2012)   Direct link

:: 2008

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Eye gesture based human-computer interaction using wearable electrooculographic (EOG) goggles (November 2008)   Direct link | © 2006-2013 Andreas Bulling
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